CDC Preferred Techniques

Approved electrostatic equipment, recommended as the preferred method.

FDA/EPA Certified Solution

Sanitation solution kills coronavirus (COVID-19, CV19, SARS-CoV-2) pathogens.

All Locations

We will suit up and disinfect any space or location including indoor and outdoor sites.

The electrostatic equipment we use is not only approved but it is a recommended technique preferred by the CDC.
The solution we use is a FDA and EPA certified sanitize solution. With a one minute kill time and a 5-7 minute dry time. Harmless to people and kills a long list of pathogens including covid-19. (People safe, food safe, pet safe).
The center for biocide chemistries has released a list of products that have been pre approved by the U.S. Environmental protection agency (EPA) for the use against covid(19) The solution we use is on that list.
We are currently disinfecting office buildings, municipal buildings, union halls, construction sites, restaurants, municipal trucks and fire stations, barber shops, apartment complexes, residential homes, nightclubs, and more.